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Phone Number Mnemonics in Python

Recursion is a great way to come up with permutations of strings or elements. Not necessarily because of the performance (iterative styles are usually faster) but because of simplicity and organization - like many algorithms with functional programming languages like Scala, recursive functions in general look neater, nicer, and easier to categorize.


OpenVPN / DNS / resolv.conf

For Unix users with OpenVPN clients, you may notice that when connecting to a VPN server via OpenVPN, your DNS servers aren't working properly. This might result in DNS leaks or domain name resolutions that don't work at all (i.


Cyclic Permutation

This is an array/list trick that saves about O(n) in space complexity by taking advantage of a given array with integers representing indices. For this example problem, suppose that we want to apply some permutation P to an array A.


Useful Links

This is a personal list of useful resources for improving web stacks, frameworks, development, UX, whatever that I come across!


npm and Node.js Management

npm packages install and save Install a package and also write it to package.json under "dependencies":{} npm install <PACKAGE> --save Alternatively, for developer dependencies: npm install <PACKAGE> --save-dev or npm i -D <PACKAGE> npm install, update, run (outside of current directory) npm install --prefix <PATH to directory> npm update --prefix <directory> npm run --prefix <script defined in package.