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Escape from the Strings

What is escaping? Escaping is used for characters that are not intended to be shown. Consider the following text: <strong>Hi there</strong> This text is saved onto a HTML file, foo.


OS 101

Kernel A kernel is the core software application of the operating system. It is generally not intended to be interacted with from a user-level perspective. Some responsibilities it can handle: Hardware management e.

operating system

Misconceptions of ASCII and Unicode

Myth: ASCII characters take up one byte ASCII represented characters using numbers between 32 and 127. This accounted for characters used in the English language (lowercase and uppercase) and the numbers between 1-32 were reserved control characters.

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NumPy vs. Pandas, and other flavors (Dask, Modin, Ray)

NumPy NumPy is a Python library for numerical computing that offers multi-dimensional arrays and indices as data structures and additional high-level math utilities. ndarray The unique offering of NumPy is the ndarray data structure, which stands for n-dimensional array.


Comparison Charts of File Storage Formats

Big Data Encodings These encodings are often used with HDFS or some other distributed file system. Since the data can be as large as terabytes or petabytes, it is crucial to encode files in a space optimal way and also allow themselves to be read or written in an optimal way.