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Webpack: Usage Examples

Webpack has been around since 2012 and it is a very popular tool nowadays. You'll see it mentioned in a lot of front-end stacks. I've personally used it to power this blog and a handful of my own React projects such as https://classic-ah.


Forward Proxy and Reverse Proxy

Proxies have a wide variety of use cases with great benefits. In this article, I go over two variations of proxies. Forward Proxy One day, in a school classroom setting, a teacher wants an anonymous survey filled out by all of the students in the classroom.

proxyvpnsystem designreverse proxyforward proxyload balancer

Atomic operations with Elasticsearch

Use Elasticsearch Aliases to switch from one index to another near instantaneously.

databasessearchelasticsearchesatomicitysearch engine

Spring - Injecting more than one bean of the same type

Problem By default, Spring will autowire beans by type. When a bean is created that depends on other beans, it will check for the existence of the required dependencies by types. Creating another bean of the same type will result in a very common exception: NoUniqueBeanDefinitionException.

JavaSpringSpring Beans

Machine Learning Basics

Supervised Learning In supervised learning, we take some data and predict an output in a pre-defined structure. There are two categories: Regression: When a function is given some input variables, what is the continuous output? i.

machine learningMLsupervised