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Machine Learning Basics

Supervised Learning In supervised learning, we take some data and predict an output in a pre-defined structure. There are two categories: Regression: When a function is given some input variables, what is the continuous output? i.

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Software Methodologies

Agile Agile in a nutshell is basically a set of principles laid out to promote fast and efficient development cycles. Scrum Scrum is an Agile methodology, so it attempts to cover the Agile principles by bringing in processes and rules to help facilitate them.


Bloom Filter

A set data structure uses a hashing function to store values and to verify if a value exists. Bloom filters are similar in that it uses multiple hashing functions to store values and to verify if a value exists.

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Add SSL certificates to a website

Having a SSL certificate will enforce visitors to connect to a website via the HTTPS protocol, which runs on port 443. The server and the visitor will communicate and transmit encrypted data under this protocol.


Stack Memory vs. Heap Memory

Stack Memory The stack memory is generally: Faster, as it uses CPU cache Fixed in size It is specifically the range of memory that is accessible via the Stack register of the CPU No control for allocation and de-allocation of memory Includes function calls and variables for function arguments, primitive values (int, char, etc.

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