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Forward Proxy and Reverse Proxy

... the diagram above: The students (client) write their survey and passes them to the Cool Dude (proxy) The Cool Dude re-writes them so that they are untraceable, and passes them to the teacher (server) The teacher records them, and passes them back to the Cool Dude The Cool Dude passes them back to the students.

Heroku login on a proxy (Windows 7)

I have had some issues logging into Heroku using a company proxy; if you are in the same boat, you might want to try the following in Command Prompt: C:\...\..> set HTTP_PROXY = <your proxy here> C:\.

Seattle Conference on Scalability: YouTube Scalability

... caused an issue where no more video uploads can be made Switched from Apache to Squid (reverse proxy), far more efficient with CPU. However the performance would degrade (start at 300 TPS, then eventually down to 20 TPS) However, there were still too many images.

AWS Lambda and other Maven projects

... with the incoming Kinesis records. Another example is API Gateway, which acts as a reverse proxy that allows you to create and manage scalable APIs. When a GET request hits an API that is set up by API Gateway, this could also invoke an AWS Lambda function as a handler to do something when that GET request comes in.

RDBMS Optimization

... reducing the load on the Master servers and increasing performance. You can use a reverse proxy or load balancer to decide which DB to read from. This works very well for offloading high traffic for one DB server.

Web Backend Security Headers -3. HSTS

... of Usage Typically HSTS is defined at the top-level domain through a load balancer or reverse proxy. Coming up next Next, we'll take a look at X-Frame-Options and X-XSS-Pro