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Scanning for memory addresses with Cheat Engine and ZSNES

... in the CE community provide cheat tables for games. These cheat tables are basically lists of memory addresses that directly correspond to certain data in a game, e.g. movement speed, or health points.

Stack Memory vs. Heap Memory

Stack Memory The stack memory is used within a context of a thread. It is called stack memory since memory blocks are allocated in LIFO order, based on the function call stack. Each stack memory block houses data for local variables, references, and other bookkeeping data.

Java Essentials

... produce a misleading output. This is simply due to the fact that the == operator checks for the memory address when compared against Objects. This means that if you have two Objects that were instantiated separately and are logically equivalent (that is, they both have the same exact data inside), they will still fail the == check since these two Objects are pointing to different areas in memory.

Virtual Memory

What is Virtual Memory? Virtual Memory is best described as a swap file on your hard disk that holds memory information for your running applications. Memory is structured and managed in two different ways; paging and segmentation.

Quick Numbers in Software Engineering Cheatsheet

Preface This article is a cheatsheet and a collection of tips/tricks for doing back of the envelope calculations. Numbers Data Types to Bytes Note: keep in mind that these are general estimates.

Algorithm Handbook

Introduction Welcome to the algorithm handbook wiki! In this wiki you will find a mini-cheat sheet overview of data structures, and examples of their usages in modern languages. Algorithm problems can be found here.

Web Development 101

HTTP vs. HTTPS HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It typically runs on TCP port 80. It is a protocol for sending data through browsers in the form of webpages and such. One major flaw with HTTP is that it is vulnerable to man in the middle attacks.