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Web Development 101

... world. Pros: Using RPC frameworks like gRPC can give you higher network performance than SOAP/REST/GraphQL by leveraging Protobuf's encoding/decoding features to reduce the message payload size, which results in very efficient data payloads Protobuf in particular can also give you schemas to work with in your APIs, such as a schema for interfacing message payloads and allowing cross-language interoperability It can be suitable for APIs that represents commands (for example, Join a Channel, Leave a Channel).


... stands for Hypertext as the Engine of Application Source. Basically what this means is that the REST APIs are augmented to give back more helpful information in the response (metadata, if you will), such as hyperlinks that help inform the client with things like navigation.


Let's discuss primes! A natural number is considered a prime if it is: Greater than 1 Its divisors are only 1 and itself Examples: \(5\) has two divisors: \(\frac{5}{1} = 5\) and \(\frac{5}{5} = 1\) Which means \(5\) is a prime.

Overlapping linked lists

Given two linked list nodes, one might overlap the other. That is, one linked list might contain a sequence that is already in the other linked list. The two linked lists share a common node. Problem Build a function that takes two singly linked lists and returns a boolean output that signifies whether or not the two linked lists share a common node.

String Manipulation in Python 3+

There are a few ways to search for a string in Python (3+): String operations str.find(sub[, start[, end]])] "shadow walker".find('w') => 5 This gives you the index of the first match. While the index might be nice to have, do remember that strings are immutable.

Asynchrony vs. Multithreading

Asynchrony Asynchronous programming, also known as event-driven programming, is built on foundations of Futures/promises. The basic idea is that instead of having a thread wait for a blocked call to finish (i.

Forward Proxy and Reverse Proxy

Proxies have a wide variety of use cases with great benefits. In this article, I go over two variations of proxies. Forward Proxy One day, in a school classroom setting, a teacher wants an anonymous survey filled out by all of the students in the classroom.


... is slightly opinionated when trying to access data. It highly encourages the use of GraphQL over REST, and GraphQL might be an overkill for really simple APIs. There can be an inconsistency (i.

Comparison Charts of File Storage Formats

... programs like Microsoft Excel. JSON formats are also very popular for passing data around with REST APIs, and it is convenient for web browsers since it works natively with Javascript.

Design Concepts

... URL redirection should occur with minimal latency Extended Requirements Metrics, REST API, etc. Capacity Estimation Capacity can be split up into four subsections: Traffic Storage Bandwidth Memory Traffic Traffic means the incoming reads to your service (ingress) and the outgoing writes to your clients (egress).

Replace all occurrences of a space inside an array

Problem Given an array of characters, replace all occurrences of a space with another string. Assume that the array has enough space to contain all of the replacements. Input A - An array of characters which may or may not have spaces word - The string to replace spaces with.

NoSQL - the Radical Databases

... used. Not a lot of development tools and resources yet. Most graph DBs are only accessed with REST APIs. Examples: Neo4j

Scanning for memory addresses with Cheat Engine and ZSNES

Cheat Engine (CE) is an open source memory scanner/hex editor/debugger that works for Windows applications. Another way to put it is that CE is used to explore the memory that is dynamically allocated (by Windows) in games.

A guide to const in C++

The Many Uses of const with Operator Overloading const can be used in different ways depending on how an operator is overloaded. There are two major cases to consider: If an operator is overloaded as a nonmember function (not part of the class definition) If an operator is overloaded as a member function (part of the class definition) Case 1: Overloaded as a Nonmember Function Here is an example of the + operator overloaded as a nonmember function: const Weight operator +(const Weight& w1, const Weight& w2); Notice we have three positions where we can place const and each one means something different.

Useful Links

... Django - 0 (Intro and Setup) Modern Django - 1 (Project Refactor, Settings) Modern Django - 2 (REST API, DRF) Magic + Uploaded file validation Django Design Patterns Setting up Django + DRF with JWT Classy Class Based Views Node Project Directory Structure A modern Node manager Node v8 (async/await) + Express + pg Express production best practices: performance and reliability Debugging with Node v.