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Webpack: Usage Examples

... around since 2012 and it is a very popular tool nowadays. You'll see it mentioned in a lot of front-end stacks. I've personally used it to power this blog and a handful of my own React projects such as https://classic-ah.

Data stores in Software Architectures

... Website Assets When you make a network request to a server that returns the front-end webpage as a HTML blob, other HTML/JS/CSS is downloaded from the server. This can be problematic if network requests are made from across the globe, resulting in very slow download times.


... if their electronic trading platform is 5 milliseconds behind the competition. In modern day front-end, resources are served to the user from a pretty broad spectrum. This is because the demands of web pages are growing.

Javascript Essentials

... but it can also be used as a run-time environment. For example, you can use Node for a project's front-end by making use of it's package manager npm to install front-end frameworks like React and transpilers like Babel.

Forward Proxy and Reverse Proxy

... of overloading one particular server. A load balancer is a great example of a reverse proxy since front-end clients are completely unaware of what the load balancer is doing (nor does it need to know).

Comparison Charts of File Storage Formats

... deeply nested dataKey-value dictionary is easy to readWorks well for representing data on the front-end (Javascript) Has issues representing numbers with precision (i.e. larger than 2^52)Can be quite bloaty in sizeCannot insert raw binary strings; a hacky workaround is to encode them with Base64 Simple, widely used with REST/GraphQL Binary JSON (e.

Working with Production at Amazon Retail Website

... accessibility (often abbreviated as A11y) is very important. This usually involves a test on the front-end side of your application; for browsers, a Selenium based testing platform is frequently used to test against your page on different browsers.

Web Development 101

... for complex query operations in traditional REST. Great developer-to-developer experience between front-end teams and API backend teams. Use of lightweight JSON SDL (schema definition language) as a declarative query language.

Apache Kafka and Event Streaming

... You can leverage this to have consumers listen to the topics and provide chat messages to the front-end website or app. The nice part about Kafka is that you can replay messages from the topics that have been sent before, in case the consumer host goes down and you lost some of that data in the disk.